History - Usisa

Canning fish is one of the most traditional activities in Spain, and USISA is a good example of that. due its vast experience, built up over many years. If we go back in the history, this activity could be witnessed in Isla Christina in Huelva, as far back as the 18th century. When a group of people from the north of Spain started practicing the technique

With the passing of centures the technique of canning fish was extended in the whole town, and lots of factories opened. One of them was USISA; who began its journey in 1973, sourcing the technique from the first people coming in Isla Cristina.

USISA started with the Union of 24 little businesses (business in salting the sardines ). The creator of this union of businesses was Juan Vazquez Mendez, the president in this moment of USISA, whose interest was not to have competition between little business.

After that time, they added canning fish to the business, acquiring the Brand; EL DECANO, and in later days TEJERO.

At the begining of 2000, USISA started a big project, to open a new Factory. Two years later the Factory was opened. A modern Factory, but still preserving the traditional ways. The new Factory has a capacity to employ upto 500 employees.

History - Usisa

The constancy and effort from all the USISA team, had made USISA one of the references in this tipe of business in Andalucia and outside it.