USISA´s Quality and R & D department controls every step comprising the production process of our canned and salted fish. Likewise, it implements rigorous methods of analysis of raw materials as well as semi-finished and final products.

All this work has been reflected in obtaining the certification for the European standard of Quality IFS. This regulation serves to develop new products and to improve the production process continuously.

Política de calidad

USISA, in its fish canning and salting factory, has implemented a structured Quality Management System oriented towards compliance with the requirements of the international standard IFS. There are several reasons why USISA establishes and keeps updated this Quality Management System in the elaboration of canned and salted fish. They are the following:

  • Food Safety and Hygiene: USISA´s commitment to food safety and hygiene is reflected in the Quality Management System, which guarantees that all production processes are safe and that final products are obtained with quality assurance.
  • Traditional elaboration: The Quality Management System ensures a strict selection of all raw materials for further elaboration, according to a careful artisanal process, as it has been done for more than 100 years and, of course, without the intervention of chemical agents. In addition, the standardization of activities allows to reduce the variability in our products and, thus, be able to place them in a distinguished position in the national and international markets because of their quality.

Customer satisfaction:

The Quality System allows us to give our clients the confidence that all our final products will satisfy their needs and expectations. Consumer satisfaction is an essential premise in USISA´s, quality objectives, which justifies the constant evaluations that are established.

Continuous improvement:

The Quality System allows all personnel to be involved in such a way that, from the knowledge of responsibilities, processes, procedures and resources, all USISA´s workers participates in the improvement of the System and collaborates in its correct implementation and operation. All this will result in the achievement of the planned quality goals, as well as in the continuous improvement of the System.


USISA has been recognized with important certificates of Food Quality. As evidence of this, our products are currently protected under the Regulatory Council of Protected Geographical Indications Caballa and Melva de Andalucía (Andalousian Mackerel and Melva).. This means that they are subject to the guidelines of a strict European Regulation, as well as to rigorous controls that regulate both raw materials and the production process in general.

Also, canned and salted fish from our company are worthy of using the Certified Quality, brand, which is granted by the Junta de Andalucía.

On the other hand, USISA has also obtained the certification for the European Standard of Quality IFS, which serves to develop new products and to improve the manufacturing process.

Quality - Usisa


Quality - Usisa



The management of UNIÓN SALAZONERA ISLEÑA, S.A. (USISA), understands that the prevention of labour risks associated with its activity is a key element in the management of the company, so all its workers must pay the maximum attention and effort in order to achieve a safety and healthy work environment in our facilities and avoid possible negative repercussions to the nearby community.

USISA, is at the service of its clients, committed to society, the environment, a continuous improvement in the quality of its products and services, its processes, working conditions and the health of its workers, respecting the legal and regulatory framework established for each subject. This objective is achieved with the highest quality requirement and ensuring that no task is carried out without appropriate safety measures.

In order to guide the actions of all management responsibles in the company, USISA adopts the present Labour Risks Prevention Policy that is based in the following principles:

  • Safety and health of workers must be managed with the same professional rigor as any other of the key areas of the company and all managers must expressly consider it in any activity they carry out or order and in every decision they adopt.
  • All USISA personnel with responsibilities must ensure safety conditions for the workers in their charge. This personnel must be a good example or the performance to be carried out by its workers.
  • The procedures that are applied for the evaluation of the performance and the promotion of the personnel will include aspects related to the management of labour health and safety.
  • Pertinent actions will be promoted so that every person performing its work in the facilities of USISA has the same level of health and safety at work, including workers from collaborating companies, for which the necessary coordination and control procedures will be established. There will be preventive aspects in the selection and evaluation processes of all contractors.
  • All possible accidents with potential damage will be analyzed and there will be an immediate correction.
  • Working safely, adopting the appropriate preventive measures, must be inherent to the activity to be developed. To enable this, measures will be adopted so that training and motivation in labour health and safety will form part of the professional training of all employees.
  • New mechanisms will be created and maintained to allow fluid communication with workers in the area of labour risks prevention and to encourage their active participation and that of their representatives in the risk assessment processes and in the design and application of preventive programs. The spirit of innovation and continuous improvement are fundamental for the future of our company.
  • Information exchange and cooperation channels are established between USISA personnel, and also with customers and suppliers to continuously improve the whole process, including the supplying channels.
  • Continuous actions in workplaces will be maintained to enable the constant identification of hazards and the evaluation of labour risks and accident prevention, as a basis for the establishment of appropriate control measures and programs.
  • The General Management of USISA will keep operative and monitor the necessary labour risks prevention plans and programs that will allow, in addition to compliance with current legislation and other requirements subscribed by the company, the continuous improvement of the actions on our way to the objective of zero injuries.

This policy will be widely communicated between the employers and will remain available to other interested parties.