Fillets of Andalusian Melva in olive oil 80gr - Usisa

The loyalty of our clients lies in the fact that we only use quality raw materials, whose most outstanding value is that it is a campaign product. It is the optimum moment of the fish, when it provides its highest nutritional and organoleptic values. The only ingredients needed are olive oil and a touch of sea salt.

Elaboration process:

During the elaboration process of the canned Melva de Andalucía , we take special care with the raw materials we use, carrying out the relevant controls to guarantee clients a quality product.

The “Fillet of Melva from Andalusia in olive oil” has to be elaborated following the same artisan procedures:

  • Fish reception.
  • Peeling, eviscerated and washed.
  • Cooking in salt water solution.
  • Maintenance and cooling.
  • Peeling by hand.
  • Packaged by hand.
  • We add the olive oil.
  • Closure of the can.
  • Autoclave treatment.
  • Tin washing.
  • Storage and shipment.

Fillets of Andalusian Melva in olive oil 80gr - Usisa