Coast Anchovies in olive oil 80 gr - Usisa

Organoleptic features

Pieces are selected for their freshness and size. They offer a maximum satisfaction when they melt in the mouth, allowing a very pleasant sensation when ingesting them. They are also accompanied by the special flavor provided by the best olive oils of Andalusia and all this leads to one of the best gourmet products of the Andalusian table.

Elaboration process:

In the elaboration of the `Boquerones de la costa in olive oil ‘it is necessary to follow a series of steps. In the first place, the reception of raw materials (always fresh) takes place, arriving at the facilities directly from the port.

After reception, the fish is decapitated, eviscerated and it tail is cut. All parts are cleaned by hand by the staff in a brine bath and packed according to size. Then the turning and cooking of the fish pieces in the direct steam cooking tunnel takes place.

One of the key steps to achieve our exclusive flavor is the addiction with the best olive oils of Andalusia. Subsequently, the hermetic sealing of the cans is carried out, as well as the sterilization in autoclaves to obtain a totally sterile product.

At this point, the cans are washed and dried before proceeding with the cartoning and boxing o. The process concludes with the storage of the product for its later expedition.

Coast Anchovies in olive oil 80 gr - Usisa