Who we are - Usisa

Union Salazonera Isleña , S.A. ( USISA ) is a fish company situated in South Spain, We do canned and salted fish. We are located in Isla Cristina in Huelva province.

Who we are - Usisa
In Usisa we process around 12.000 tons of fish a year, all this fish come from South Spain, all the process for canning and salting is hand made. We don´t use any chemical products on the process. All this facts make the maximun warranty of fresh, taste and nutritional values.

In Usisa we keep produccing hand made, which is a centenary tradition. Mainly all the work is done by women. Each day they peel the skin, and they cut the fish in fillets and put them in cans, all with their hands. This fact made the women the biggest value of the company. Apart from that we have highest cuality of fish posible. It is fresh fish. Like this we get the most of nutritional values and then only add oil ( olive or sunflower )and marine salt. We never use any preservatives or additives.

After 40 years in the can’s market with our brand USISA, TEJERO and EL DECANO, we keep offering our client the best quality product, that make them loyal to our brands.

For all of this USISA has deserved the most important quality emblems. Nowadays we have ‘ Consejo Regulador de las Indicaciones Geográficas Protegidas Caballa y Melva de Andalucía’ which is an emblem.

This procedure give to the client the better cuality. We have the certificate of ‘Calidad certificada ( cerify cuality )’ given by Andalucian Autorities.

In our R+D (research and development ) department, we control every part of the process, analizing raw materials and final products. We have the European Cuality cerficate IFS, giving us the chance of developing new products and improving the canning proceess.

The growth of USISA, is reflected in its new factory and new projects. Like new enginery oriented to a more effective production.

Investment in technology and desing , individuals working espaces. Best technology in washing, sterilization, closing and cartoning.

New references in the market, new packaging, for new demand in costumers. The stock control is done by new computer programs, which garantee the traceability and opens new market. We changed the boiler from fuel to biodiesel, contributing to the enviroment, all of this made us get in 2015 the Qsostenible certificate.

Who we are - Usisa