The factory - Usisa

At the beginning of the XXI century, USISA had probably the most important step in its history. A new factory, which cost around 15.000.000 Euros.

The Factory is about 15.000 square meters indoors, with another 15.000 square meters outdoors, Outside there is a parking área, which makes a total square área covered of 80,000 square metres. The Factory is located in Poligono Industrial La Dehesa, which is in Isla Cristina.

The Factory was built to allow for future growth and giving the company many more options, also at the same time adapting to European laws.The Factory gives more space for modern technology to be used, and allowed us to implement the sanitary hygienic requirements for this type of business.

This new factory gave USISA the chance to double its production and Increase the freezing capacity from 900 tons to 3.000 tons. We have six new freezing chambers. We keep raw materials separate by species; which optimize the traceability.

The factory can accomodate 500 workers , with designated parking for workers. The company invests in new technology constantly, including the áreas of washing, sterilization, closing and cartoning.

In the freezing chambers we keep the mackerel, tuna, melva and sardines separate. The chambers have a capacity of 3,000 tons, with two frozen tunnels which can freeze 180 tons a day.