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Union Salazonera Isleña (USISA) is a company dedicated to the elaboration of salted sardines, among other activities. We have spacious and modern facilities located in Isla Cristina, Huelva, in a privileged and ideal environment to develop our activity.
It was precisely as a result of the preparation of salted sardines salted meat as this great company emerged. Subsequently, it diversified its production to what it is today.

An activity carried out by our main asset: a human team formed by people of the town, in which tradition, familiarity and knowledge of the product, together with a raw material of first quality, our sardines from the coast, which are landed in the Isla Cristina port and transported directly to our factory, with unbeatable characteristics and qualities.

Quality and R + D + i

Guaranteeing the efficiency and quality of our production is a priority objective. We invest in the necessary means and technology to comply with the demands of the market in terms of traceability and production processes.

From the capture and careful selection of the raw material from the waters of the Atlantic, in USISA we control the different phases, without the presence of any chemical agents and standardizing all the activities to ensure a maximum and stable quality level in all our salting products.

Therefore, we have a Quality and R + D + i department, formed by a group of specialized professionals dedicated to the analysis of raw materials as well as semi-finished and final products. A work that is supported by the certification of the European IFS regulation and the Certified Quality mark granted by the Junta de Andalucía.

Productive process

Under the parameters reflected in our Quality System, in USISA we guarantee the implementation and monitoring of productive processes that allow an impeccable treatment and elaboration of our fish salting.
It is a process of artisan work, which gives our products an added value from its origin until the arrival at the point of sale and later tasting by the final consumer, who continues to appreciate the natural characteristics intrinsic to the product.

Today in USISA we have a production area dedicated specifically to this product, our Pressed Sardines. Let’s briefly tell how we do them:

It is always about the species “Sardina Pilchardus”, and the manufacturing process begins with the wet salting phase, which takes place in piles, in which the tempered sardines, salt and brine are introduced, as the Romans already did. Centuries ago.
The sardines are going to be “buried” in these piles of salt between 15 and 45 days, before moving on to the next phase of production in the zone of funding, or work zone, where the expert women of the town are classifying them by size, looking for their uniformity, and introducing them in wooden ‘tabales’ of different sizes.

In the ‘tabal’ of circular form the disposition of the whole sardines is radial, with the tails towards the center and the heads towards the perimeter of the tabal. 3 or 4 layers of sardines are superimposed, until the amount required by the format is completed.

The time in the pressing phase ranges from 3-6 hours, manually manipulating the press to increase the pressure until the moment when all the oil and water of the sardines has been eliminated.

Finally, when it comes to fillets the sardines are packed in trays, there is a phase of cleaning the sardines in an artisanal way by experienced hands, who carefully remove thorns, skins and heads, leaving only the loins, which are to be disposed on These plastic containers, finally adding olive oil. This format is presented in a vacuum, so that, once the trays have been sealed, they are inserted in xerographed cardboard boxes for the final presentation to the consumer.

The product is conserved up to the moment of its expedition in a cold storage chamber, at a controlled temperature between 0-5ºC, and after the shipment, the transport has to be refrigerated until the door of our clients, so that the quality and organoleptic qualities of this exquisite product.

Salted and pressed sardines in fillets - Usisa